Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Daily Skimm?

I'm not getting the Daily Skimm

I'm getting two copies of the Daily Skimm

How do I unsubscribe?


What is Skimm Ahead?

How do I download Skimm Ahead?

What if I have commitment issues and just want to try it out?

How much does it cost?

How do I manage my subscription?

What calendars does Skimm Ahead integrate with?

Can I customize my calendar?

What if I don't want it in my calendar at all?

What to do if...I like the calendar, but don't want alerts.

What to do if...I like the alerts, but don't want events in my calendar.

What to do if...I'm in the wrong timezone.

What to do if...I no longer want the calendar.

I still need halp.


What does “tap here to reset all settings” do?

How do I get the special calendars?

I'm in the wrong timezone/halp my calendar is outta sync

What are special calendars?

What does “The Big Stuff” mean?

I already have the app and like the cal I have. Where did thtat cal go?

What does the entertainment calendar include?

What does the sports calendar include?

What does the politics calendar include?

What does the business calendar include?

Can I customize the events I see in the app?

I just added one of the special calendars, but I'm not seeing it.


What is Skimm Notes?

What topics do you cover?

How often do I get Skimm Notes?

How can I access Skimm Notes?

I don't want to pay, can I access some Skimm Notes for free?

What will I get from this that I can't get from a free service?

Can I listen to a clip before I commit to the monthly payment?

Can I search for old Skimm Notes?

Is there an archive of all Skimm Notes?

Can I download Skimm Notes to my podcast app?

How long is each one?

Do you have any plans for accessibility?


What is a Skimm'bassador?

How do I become a Skimm'bassador?

Where do I find my unique link?

I have a new email address. How do I combine my referrals?


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